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Snowy adventures and a slight mishap 

After a few years obsessing about ski touring I finally bit the bullet and bought myself some bling as a Christmas present to myself. A frustratingly mild December required some patience as my shiny new gear decorated my flat. 


Finally the snow arrived and we headed to Glenshee for a snowy adventure. The forecast wasn’t great so we decided to skin up towards Meall Odhar and take it from there. 


There was a bit of faff as we got used to things but I was looking forward to finding out how the skis and boots handled on the descent. I was hoping to use the set up for touring and downhill and considering taking to Tignes in February. 


First bit of downhill and my back wasn’t happy…..at all. Unfortunately something had set it off but we put the skins on and continued to the top of Meall Odhar. Looking over towards Glas Maol the weather was closing in so we played it safe and skied south off the summit. 

I was struggling and needed to call it a day. Gutted. My back was in spasm and not coping with the skinning or skiing. Unfortunately I still had to get back to the car. Ouch. 

Now heading into week 5 of acute back pain, 2016 has got off to a pretty bad start with another phase of injury and rehab. 

This has been my toughest injury yet both physically and mentally. Of course it’s difficult coping with no sport, pain, not much sleep and having to cancel my ski holiday but I’m going to think about some of the positives. 

  • I’ve managed to catch up with friends who I don’t normally see as I’m usually away at weekends doing something outdoorsy
  • I’ve discovered a new cafe close by which is mostly vegan, gluten free and organic – Moon and Hare, Bruntsfield. You must check it out! 
  • I’m doing my injured MCL some good. I won’t come back from Tignes needing a couple of weeks for my knee to recover, and because I can’t cycle or drive I’m increasingly loading it with walking which is a good thing
  • I’m shopping local as not able to drive. Great wee community fruit and veg shop in Bruntsfield – Dig-In
  • I’ve tried out binge Netflix watching and confirmed it’s not for me. Free one month trial will be cancelled
  • I’ve made heaps of nutritious vegan yumminess from the new Deliciously Ella recipe book. My freezer is full of quick teas for when I’m back in action
  • I’ve definitely got an excuse not to hoover 
  • My flat doesn’t resemble a muddy field from mucky biking gear 

I think I have to accept I’ve got bad genes in terms of injury risk.  My bones have withstood some pretty hard mountain bike crashes but my tendons, ligaments and muscles seem overly susceptible to injury. There might also be a bit of bad luck and ignoring wee niggles but this setback has taught me I need to respect my body like I do the landscape and nature it spends so much time in.